The Sweet Tastes of Jaje Tujak – Traditional Cake of Lombok

Dubbed as a paradise for spicy culinary delights, this special dish from the island of Lombok does have a variety of traditional culinary flavors spicy that are tempting . Not only that, but Lombok also has a typical snack that is no less delicious. Not spicy food, this snack actually has a sweet taste. The snack is Poteng Jaje Tujak.

Poteng Jaje Tujak is a type of tape that is processed into food light. This food is usually served when Eid arrives. Despite the name sounds foreign to those of you outside Lombok, however the taste of this snack is guaranteed to make you addicted.

poteng jaje tujak - traditional sweet cake from lombok

The name poteng jaje tujak itself means pounded tape snacks. This delicious snack consists of two dishes, namely poteng or tape made of white sticky rice and jaje tujak or tetel which is processed from a mixture of white sticky rice, black sticky rice, and coconut which are ground until smooth.

At a glance, the green appearance of the poteng is similar to Magelang’s typical sticky rice tape. However, this typical Lombok jaje tujak is served in square pieces.

Poteng making requires a lot of time, because it has to go through a fermentation process first for about three days. Meanwhile, the jaje tujak itself is steamed twice, before and after it is mixed with grated coconut. The making of jaje tujak also usually waits for the poteng to ripen first.

The ingredients for making poteng usually consist of white glutinous rice, tape, saga leaves, sugar, water, and bananas to wrap it. While the ingredients for making jaje tujak usually consist of white glutinous rice, black glutinous rice, grated coconut, and salt to taste.

These snacks can usually only be ordered before they are taken to be used as souvenirs, because of their perishable nature. So, for tourists who are interested in experiencing these typical Lombok snacks, they can order directly at shops that provide ordering typical Lombok snacks.

Unique Tradition in Making Poteng Jaje Tujak

It turns out that there is a unique tradition behind the making of this typical Lombok snack. There is a belief that making poteng should not be arbitrary and the maker must be in a pure state or not menstruating (for women only) so as not to damage the final result of the poteng.

In addition, the sowing of sticky tape powder is also carried out after the prayer is finished so that it is still in a holy condition because it is after ablution. The fresh taste of poteng and the savory jaje tujak and its legit texture certainly make it very delicious to eat as a special dish when Eid arrives. In addition, like the cuisine original Lombok Babalung , this snack can also be found at various other special events such as Eid topat , weddings and party events.

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