Pillow Cakes, Delicious Typical Lombok Snacks

Pillow cake is one of the typical snacks on the island of Lombok . In some areas in Lombok, some call it a pillow because it looks like a sleeping pillow. There are also those who call it Topat Reket or Ketupat Ketan. Pillow cake is a typical snack from Lombok Island which is a favorite of the people of Lombok.

The ingredients for making pillow cakes are glutinous rice, young coconut shredded, palm leaves or coconut leaves, rope (usually from bamboo sticks which has been combed for ropes), banana or kidney beans for contents. Delicious and savory taste will be felt on the tongue for everyone who try it.

Lombok Typical Pillow Cake

Lombok Typical Pillow Cake

On the island of Java, the name of this cake is usually called Lepet Cake because the main ingredient between the two cakes is the same, namely using sticky rice. The people of Lombok Island themselves call it Pillow Cake because it looks similar to a sleeping device.

Although the main ingredients of Lepet Cake and Kue Bantal are the same and they look similar but the two cakes are not the same. Striking difference is in the contents, if Lepet Cake only contains glutinous rice, different from the Pillow Cake which in the middle of the sticky rice contains peanuts red or banana.

At first, this typical Lombok snack was a traditional culinary delicacy that was only produced during Ramadan, before Eid and Eid Al-Adha. Gapuk Village is the first village that still maintains the production of Pillowcakes to this day.

Bantal Pillow Cake

At that time, this cake was only sold around Gapuk Village during Ramadan, ahead of Eid and Eid Al-Adha. Seeing the high demand from the Lombok people for this culinary and the demand for tourists who vacation to Lombok Island almost every day as souvenirs, this cake is produced on weekdays and is sold almost every day in Gapuk Village.

There are two flavors of this cake to date, namely red bean flavor and banana flavor. The taste is named based on the filling in the sticky rice. Some are filled with red beans and bananas, you can choose what you want. If you want to make it yourself, you can add other fruit or vegetables as the filling so you can modify the Pillow Cake into various flavors.

The price of this typical snack is relatively cheap and quite affordable, fortunately for tourists. One bunch of these 10 cakes is offered at a price of Rp. 15,000. There are also those who offer this snack a bunch consisting of 16 seeds for Rp. 20,000. Well, for those of you who visit Lombok Island, you can buy them as souvenirs to take home or can taste them directly.

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