Lombok Traditional Culinary With Spicy Flavors

Lombok Island is an exotic island that has various tourist destinations. Tourism in Lombok and in Indonesia in general, apart from being related to its beautiful natural charm, is also very closely related to typical Lombok culinary.

Starting from behavior patterns to kitchen matters in Lombok are influenced by the indigenous culture. When we taste and see the list of traditional culinary menus of restaurants in Lombok, we know the flavors that the people of Lombok generally like.

Traditional cuisine in Lombok is famous for its spicy taste. Even though the name of the island of Lombok has the same meaning as chilli in Javanese, the spicy taste of traditional Lombok cuisine has nothing to do with the name Lombok itself. From various literatures, the name Lombok comes from the kawi language, namely Lombok, which means straight.

Some traditional Lombok dishes are prepared with different herbs and methods. With the herbs and processing methods that we usually encounter in our kitchen, it certainly tastes like our daily cooking. We will peel one by one traditional culinary in Lombok with spicy flavors.

1. Ayam Taliwang

Ayam taliwang is the mainstay menu of the community in Lombok. Apart from being available at restaurants or eateries in Lombok, taliwang chicken menu is also the main menu of catering in Lombok. So this is where restaurants and catering in Lombok have an important role to introduce this traditional cuisine to the outside community.

ayam bakar taliwang, pelecing and beberok - spicy dishes from Lombok
Ayam Taliwang (left), Pelecing (right) and Beberuk (top)

Taliwang chicken is processed free-range chicken covered with various spices. Then it is grilled with smoked chili seasoning so that the resulting flavor is distinctive. With such a process, the spices used will seep into the roasted chicken meat.

The traditional cuisine whose menu is also used as the main menu of catering in Mataram has a historical story. It is said that when the Kingdom of Karangasem Bali was at war with the Selaparang Kingdom, the people of the Taliwang Kingdom were brought by the Selaparang Kingdom as peacemakers. Some of the peacemakers were cooks, so in the process of mediation between the two kingdoms were presented special dishes prepared by the cooks of the Kingdom of Taliwang. And the special dish is grilled chicken which is now called Ayam Taliwang.

2. Sate Rembiga

This one satay is different from other satay in general. With the basic ingredients of beef soaked in sweet and spicy spices, the satay flavors of this spice penetrate the meat. This typical Lombok satay is usually served with rice cake or rice.

Sate Rembiga khas Lombok

What makes this satay special is that it is low in fat. So that this satay is very suitable as a snack for those of you who are on a diet program. Because the satay seasoning has penetrated the meat, we actually don’t need to use additional sauce, chili sauce or soy sauce. Just add rice or lontong, the satay is ready to be enjoyed.

3. Ayam Rarang

Ayam Rarang - spicy dish from Lombok

The culinary of this young native chicken is different from that of Taliwang chicken. This typical culinary from the Sasak tribe requires that the chicken is grilled on a stove with firewood. After that the chicken is cut and poured with hot and oily spicy spices. This extra spicy seasoning is what makes Ayam Rarang special. It is guaranteed that after enjoying this traditional process, your sweat will flow profusely.

The name Rarang itself comes from the name of a village in East Lombok. This recipe comes from a woman named Inaq Delah who is an expert in processing typical Sasak cuisine. He created it from processed Sasak Tribe chicken with modified spices so that it fits the tongue of people outside the Sasak Tribe. And this recipe has been passed down from generation to generation to posterity until now.

For those of you who are fans of spicy flavors, you just have to choose the existing menu. You can find these various culinary delights throughout Lombok.

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