Bangkang Cave – Unknown Natural Cave in Lombok

We all look for solitude at some point in our lives and these hidden attractions in Lombok promise every bit of it. Ditch the regular tourist routes, and try these out for a change.

Pristine beaches, hidden waterfalls and preserved indigenous villages, Lombok is a delightful place to unwind in.

One of this hidden natural attraction is a cave, located in remote Bangkang Village, Pujut, South Lombok.

bangkang cave pujut

This hundred-years-old cave is located in a local village that remains unexplored by tourists. Treasures and loot are long gone, but do have your fisheye or wide-angle lens to capture valuable photos!

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This cave is also home to thousands of bats, and best time to visit is before sunset. You can witness the spectacular occurrence of thousands of bats leaving their nest and flying out of the cave at dusk.

gua bangkang pujut

Getting there

On the road out of Kuta, a few km before the turnoff to Mawun beach, take a right at the white and red sign down a rocky track. Goa Bangkang is located below the hill.

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